Photo of pike caught at Moonriver

Visitor Comments

Tony & Sue

Great fishing for me and bird watching for Sue at Moonriver holiday cottage.  Every time we come here things have been improved.  Last year we asked for a picnic table and seats and when we came back they were here!  We will be back next year.


A beautiful place to stay, well equipped & presented. Max is very on the ball!!! 


We have to be dragged away from Moonriver at the end of the week because we love it so much.

Shirley + Rufus

Brilliant week, excellent accommodation

Doug and Wendy

Clean, plenty of fish off Moonriver

Ann & John

Lovely week, plenty of fish.

Kim & Neil

We have had a fantastic time at Moonriver, fishing, boating, swimming, at Waxham and the stunning wildlife.

Pat & Paul

We have had the best week at Moonriver. It Has everything you need, extremely well equipped, we will be back!

Bill & Andy

we had a great time, perfect base for visiting in any direction, enjoy the silence, we will be back.


Super cottage,  all I could ask for


If you want to chill out and fish, this is the place 

Val & Darren

This place is a slice of heaven

Mark & Family

When I get home I am going to buy a place on this river, Moonriver is perfect 

Andy & Dianne

Please tell you cleaner to bring superglue remover as we do not want to leave and have stuck ourselves to Moonriver. 


When I got home from Moonriver after a great weeks fishing I immediately changed my PC screen saver to an image I took of the sunset over the river so that I can remember the great location every day.

Val & Darren

Moonriver is a slice of heaven


Delightful setting, beautiful birds to watch.  One of the best self catering cottages we have stayed in – and we`ve stayed in lots!  Weather was scorching and great to sit beside the River Thurne and enjoy! Saw a grass snake and a stoat on Cess Road one morning.  Will definitely return.


This is Norfolk Broads fishing that I remember from being a lad, peace and quiet, lots of fish and a days sailing – heaven.  The holiday home was better than my own home.


Great fishing for the family & lots of wildlife to see from Moonriver, it was very well equipped, lovely holiday


Great location, it had everything we needed to make us very comfortable, would recommend


CCTV Bird Box – 7 May “Seven baby Blue Tits hatched this morning, fascinating, two eggs yet to hatch, We were glued to the TV screen.  Thank you”


Plenty of fish being caught, Moonriver is a great place to stay, Provided everything we needed and the courtesy call was a very nice touch.  Great holiday had & would definitely recommend, Thank you


The fishing was so good in October that I am coming back to Moonriver holiday cottage in March to catch some more Pike.

Frank & Sue + family

Realy enjoyed watching the wildlife, saw Red Kites, Egret, heard Cuckoo every day, a new holiday experience for us

Carol & Peter

Second time at Moonriver – Fabulous!, even better with the new decking.

Jeff & Nicole + kids

Excellent, clean and comfortable, beautiful scenery


Great location, I will be back, caught 26lbs Pike on my birthday – result!


My screen saver is the sunset over the river taken from Moonriver, what a great week to remember

Steve, Sue

Walks and wildlife amazing.  A very special and mysterious area, loved the flint & black buildings.  Birds paradise

Jack & Peter

We had a mixed bag of Bream, Rudd, Roach, Perch and a large Pike that following one of our Rudd in!  We are booking now for next year the owners give us everything we need.


Brilliant fishing, well maintained holiday bungalow, best yet, will recommend to all.  Two woodpeckers, white wagtail, long tail tits, robins, kingfishers, magpies, cormerant, great tits, kestrel, wild fowl

Janet & Jane

Just as described on the web but better, clean and just so relaxing.

Tony & Terry

Enjoyed we will be back to this holiday home, Bream to 7 lbs, Skimmers bags 30 lbs


Wonderful time again, Fabulously interesting environment / wildlife Nest box icing on cake!  Accommodation perfect, well equipped, much attention given to the detail, all makes for a special time at Moonriver, thank you

Peter & Joan

We come here every year, me because of the great varied fishing and my wife because its very clean with every facility and she loves bird watching.  She says that it is as clean as her home and shes OCD.


1 year I asked for a patio table and chairs, the next year when I came back the best patio table and chairs ever built was waiting for me.  Whatever I ask for they get!  Now that is Customer Service, oh and great fishing as well.

Terry & Ann

Quantity 400! Moonriver holiday home A1!

Gelsthorpe Family

Very comfortable, well equiped, great fishing, even the kids caught fish!  Bream 6 lbs, lots of Roach, Bream

Cottrell family

Hooked on the place, loved Moonriver holiday home

David & Pauline

272 fish in 7.25 hours – 42 per hour the best.  Every day 22 – 42 per hour, between 30 – 50 lbs per afternoon, hybrids, roasch, rudd, perch, skimmers, eels


Well equiped holiday cottage, comfy

John & Margaret

Smashing holiday cottage, 40-50lbs bags of Bream, late evening


Very good 2 weeks, we had a great time, caught lots of fish

Jill & Julie

Fantastic holiday home, peaceful, our third visit, will be back next year


Good fishing, great venue, better than Ireland, Bream to 8 lbs, Pike to 10 lbs, mixed bags

Jill & Julie

Our second time at Moonriver holiday home, lovely place, can`t wait to return later in the year

Phil & Glynis

Plenty of Skimmers, big Bream & Roach


Pike 9.5 lbs, 25 lbs bags, well chipped!

John & Katrina

Lovely views and well equiped holiday cottage, hope to return with rods!

Doug, Stephen & James

Within 2 hours of arriving caught a 12 lbs Pike from the garden, and the a 7.5 lbs Pike a few hours later

Jon + friends

Great week, fabulous cottage with everything you needed, wildlife and evening fishing!

Marion & Rodney

Lovely birds, second time at Moonriver holiday cottage, hired launch and explored hidden places

Keith & Friends

Great week, wonderful location, excellent weather, enjoyed sitting by the river, cycling quiet lanes, paddling a canoe, exploring + fishing


Best session 40 lbs, worst session 20 lbs Bream

Doug – New Orleans, USA

Nice to be back, this is the Broads I remember as a youngster, I am booking every year.  Bird life fantastic, great fishing

Shirl & Ray

First time, can`t wait to come back, so quiet, cottage very well stocked, don`t want to go home, thank you, xx.  Perch, Bream, Roach, Hybrids, Eels, Rudd, brilliant!


Bream to 5.5 lbs, Roach all sizes,, Rudd, Skimmers, Perch

Audrey & Les

First time at this holiday cottage, hope to be back next year

Pete & Jenny

Very enjoyable, as always, be back again.  Bream up to 8 lbs, 65 lbs bags


First time here, lovely – Perch, Roach, Eel, Bream, Pike

Essex Boys

Pike, Bream, Roach, Perch, Gudgeon, Rudd, Hybrid, good all round fishing

Dave & Jay

Great time, will come again

Jill & Julie

Lovely bungalow, clean & cosy, hope to come again

Yates family

Great fishing, very comfortable

Alex & Chris

Lovely holiday cottage, very comfortable, Bream to 10 lbs


Good fishing, very comfortable holiday home, Bream 7 lbs after dark

Jay & Arthur

Good night fishing from garden, Bream 6 – 9 lbs, lots between 1 – 5 lbs


Holiday bungalow well equiped and comfortable

Dean Family

Good fishing especially after dark up to midnight, Bream 9 lbs, Roach by day

Kev, Chris, Bill, Shane

Plenty of fish caught, Bream 9 lbs, catch fish alll day, big Bream after dark, Roach, Perch, Rudd, Skimmers


Good fishing, Pike 8 lbs

Steve & Ian

16 lbs Pike


19 lbs Pike


Bream 4 lbs, Pike, all fish caught in early evening & just before dark